Curtis Street

Curtis Street is no ordinary hometown street in America. It lives and breathes on Florida's Treasure Coast. Not a corner of excitement like the French Quarter, or where passers-by come inside to see a gallery, eatery, or look at art, but if it was, that's what they'd see. This is where my home resides, where... Continue Reading →

A Room with a View

In late April of 2013, Jon Seaborn and his friend Alfredo Grotto were arriving by train to Porta Santa Lucia, a small town in Italy on the Mediterranean coast. The town itself dates back to the 15th century.  The streets are paved with cobblestone, each stone seemingly able to tell it’s own story through its... Continue Reading →

A Time for Every Purpose

“A time to weep, a time to laugh” Ecclesiastes 3:4. Jon Seaborn is running behind schedule on a Tuesday morning. He was envisioning the photo shoot of a young couple and their small child. He was starting to sweat as he knew the young woman who hired him is expecting another. -A Time to be... Continue Reading →

The Right Way

A couple years ago I had a pretty big BBQ at my house. I invited all the folks from my home group. Me and a buddy set out to buy a grill at Walmart. We brought it back to the house, opened the box and had to put it together. We got about halfway together... Continue Reading →

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