Changing Gears

Neutral in your car gets you nowhere unless you’re on a downward roll. That’s right, a downward roll. I think I’d rather be moving in an upward motion.

I woke up one day and found myself coasting.  I worked hard to get where I am and yet I was coasting, it happens. Creating my life has been a journey. The bumps in the road, life’s mistakes, the speedway I drove that carved a path that found who I am.  Switching from neutral to high gear and racing towards a ramp that jumps the Grand Canyon, harrowing. That’s my way of saying “take the damn risk”.

A long time ago I remember saying “The Internet is going to change the world”. Today we know it did.  I learned the internet, technology, and marketing. Through failure and success and I would find my presence on the Web. I went back to college I discovered a whole new world, I discovered a new vocabulary. Perseverance and persistence.  I came to know and understand these words.

In high school there was no internet, there were no cell phones. Digital was not a common word and deciding what to do in college was a challenge for me.  I didn’t like the idea working 9-5 or taking a train to and from work everyday. I thought I’ll be an engineer or an an artist. I realized whatever it was I would need money. Everyone needs money, right?

I gotta tell ya, I was pretty smart because I skipped college and took a job at a bistro as a cook. But I found a way of creativity. I became a culinary artist and I worked my way to chef. A challenging lifestyle of cooking, long hours but it was fun. I traveled a bit, critiqued restaurants and got new ideas. at 26 years old I opened my own restaurant. Down the road I worked as a chef in Miami Beach and again in Fort Lauderdale.

When I discovered the internet and I was fascinated. Communication with people all over the  world. This new fascination had me pondering the question, how do I make a website? I went  to college an earned a degree in Computer Information Systems. I learned how to make a website.

I landed my first job out of college in a wall street firm. The world wide web was a new idea to the firm and I was the guy to get them online.  A few years later we were on a roll. We were creating websites for companies going public. After September 11th and the “dot com bust” in 2003 it crashed and the firm went out of business.

Out of a job, I learned how to freelance. I also started a business on eBay. And for two years my eBay business was supporting my family. I was freelancing websites on the side. Two years later I took a web developers job at a marketing and technology company.

Fast forward 10 years and I’m a Software Engineer. I began to expressing myself through photography and I began to think like an artist again. I started painting, photography and writing. I found I like myself for who I am and not what I do. But what I do is important to. So I sought a purpose for myself. I decided I get to create myself and I get to use all the skills I acquired on my road.

My internet presence is positive and have found it to be a place to share my creativity. I have the entrepreneurial spirit and that’s where I am turning to today. I am writing more. I wrote today, “No doubt, I am a writer.”

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