Am I Crazy Or What? I dare you.


December 5, 2017 I had the great Idea that it would be fun to take an acting class. I found there is opportunity, thanks to the internet. A local theatre is auditioning for experienced and non-experienced actors. Stage experience or non-stage experience. Last night I was acting and dancing in my living room, it was rejuvenating. It was indeed feeling abundantly and outstandingly; just a whole bunch of knock em dead, make em laugh FUN!


It’s amazing how a person can have just one thought and find it’s possible to trust a little process and jump forward to see it come to be.  The thought came to me, it was a question; “How hard is it to become an actor?” A strange thought for me but I became curious.

I did a google search, a little process. I asked google “How do I audition for an acting job?” I also chose my location. Remarkable results on my smartphone browser. After a five minute query of sites I came up with this: A great website for acting auditions with a location search. There was quite a bit in my area in Florida.

After reading some of the descriptions another lighted moment, “maybe I need training?” Next google question; “Where do I take acting classes?” The search yielded plenty of results. I liked one that was an eight week training class, once a week on Monday evenings. “Beginners, Experts, no experience” it claimed that even if you did not pursue an acting career the class would change your life. I thought about that, “it definitely would get me out of my comfort zone”. What do I know about comfort zone? Well, it causes growth.

Next, I asked googled local auditions at locaL theatres. Amazingly enough, there are frequent auditions for upcoming plays at the local theatre and they audition experienced and non experienced actors.

What Next?

Now that I have this idea, where do I go from here? First i decided to write about it. So here I am reader. You guide me through this process. The seed was planted somehow in my brain. I called Mary. Not only does she approve of it, she encouraged me. So whats next? Who is reading this? Well Mr./Ms. reader tell me what’s next.

I am putting myself expectation at a bold level. A dare! Who will challenge me to fulfill this exercise? Anyone? Send me a comment, FB Like or Comment.

David Morgan


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